I Have Been Paid With Malt And Meat Before – Kofi Sarpong 

Ghanaian gospel musician Kofi Sarpong has revealed the financial struggles faced by many gospel musicians within the industry.

During an interview on Joy Prime on Monday, April 22, Kofi Sarpong frankly shared his challenges, particularly regarding the business aspect of gospel music.

He recounted instances where his passion for ministry led him to perform at events without following the proper protocols.

However, Kofi Sarpong noted that such informal arrangements often resulted in inadequate compensation, not only for himself but also for the instrumentalists and backup singers who depend on these gigs for their livelihood.

“I even had a problem with my manager over this. Because under normal circumstances, if I’m invited to a programme, it should go through him. And then he tells me we go in here and all that.

“But before he realises it, I’m somewhere ministering. And after all these ministrations, what I gain out of it is malt and meat pie.”

“And then these musicians we work with (the instrumentalists and backup singers) some of them, this is what they do to cater for themselves. So if they follow you, you cannot go take meat pies and tell them this is what you were given. No, it’s not right. So sometimes I had to go into my account and pay them,” he said.

He, therefore, urged stakeholders in the gospel music industry to support artists financially, acknowledging the significant role they play in ministry and entertainment.

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