(VIDEO) Berla Mundi Sets The Standard For Outstanding Delivery At The #GlobalCitizenNow Event

The Ghanaian people are very proud of their national representative at Global Citizen, the multi-award winning broadcast journalist Berla Mundi.

The annual Global Citizen Now conference took place in New York City for two days beginning May 1st, and she was chosen to speak at one of those events.

Initiating significant conversations, the event brought together world leaders and change agents from around the globe.

Berla Mundi

A clip from Berla Mundi’s motivational speech at the conference, in which she spoke about using her platform to inspire those who look up to her, has left a lasting impression on her fans.

She was part of an impressive roster of influential people who came together to discuss Global Citizen’s mission of ending extreme poverty on a global scale as an official advocate.

A video of Berla Mundi talking about how she’s been working to give young women in Ghana more agency has gone viral, demonstrating just how dedicated she is to making a difference in the world.

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