TGMA Organisers Announce Nominees for Producer of the Year

Organizers of TGMA have announced the nominees for three newly added categories.

The categories are Producer of the Year, Best Video Director and Audio Engineer of the Year.

According to Robert Klah, the PRO of Charterhouse, these categories waited to ensure proper review and accuracy.

Earlier on April 5, nominees for the unsung artiste of the year category were unveiled during TV3’s New Day show.

Head of Communications at Charterhouse, Robert Klah announced Kasar, Lali X Lola, Keeny Ice, Kwesi Amewuga, Seven Kizs and Alaptawan as nominees for the Unsung artiste of the year category.

In a press release on April 16, the board also announced the nomination of the original version of Amerado’s Kweku Ananse song for the most popular song of the year category.

This follows a review by the board after Amerado and other artistes had petitioned the board concerning some omission and errors related to the nominations for this year’s TGMA.

The board in its statement admitted it erred with the nomination of Amerado’s Kweku Ananse and Lonely Road by O’ Kenneth and Xlim Kid.

The statement noted that instead of the board nominating the original version of Amerado’s song, it rather considered the remix version of ‘Kweku Ananse’.

It explained that the omission was the reason Amerado’s song did not earn a spot in the most popular song of the year category.

“The Board has reviewed this and consequently nominated ‘Kweku Ananse’ by Amerado to replace the remix version in the Best Highlife Category. The song has also been nominated in the Most Popular Song of the Year Category,” TGMA said.

Another adjustment was “Lonely Road” by O’Kenneth & Xlim Kid. Originally submitted as a featured work, the board rectified the entry to reflect it as a joint project by both artists.

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