Shares of Serwaa Amihere’s atopa video might land most Ghanaians in prison for years due to police tracking IP addresses.

After an intimate video of Serwaa Amihere and Henry Fitz went viral, the video quickly garnered a torrent of hate comments.

The identity of the leaker has remained a mystery, and no one has been brought to justice despite the many ideas that have circulated about the film.

The matter is complicated because Serwaa and Henry have not yet issued public remarks regarding the unsettling saga.In response to the uproar, though, Vimlady—a media personality from Ghana—has warned that spreading the stolen images and videos of Serwaa Amihere could land them in prison.

This Vim lady produced a video of herself and made a statement on how sharing the video on social media is wrong.

She claims it’s cyberbullying directed at Serwaa and that the IGP can identify and apprehend the perpetrators by tracking their IP addresses.

She continued by bringing up the Cyber Security Act and hammering home the point that the commenters on the stolen recordings are hypocrites as they themselves engage in similar behaviour.

Below, you can watch her video;


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