Paris 2024: Russia Targeting Olympic Games, Says Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has raised concerns about Russia’s target at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics slated for July. 

Speaking at the inauguration of a new Olympic swimming center on Thursday, President Macron responded to reporters’ questions about Russia’s intentions regarding the Games. He expressed his belief that Russia would seek to undermine the event, particularly in the realm of information warfare.

“Without a doubt,” President Macron stated, “including in the field of information.” He highlighted Russia’s ongoing efforts to spread narratives casting doubt on the Games’ security and feasibility, posing a potential risk to the event.

The Paris Olympics’ opening ceremony, set to take place on boats in the river Seine with over 300,000 spectators watching from the quays, has been identified as vulnerable to terrorist threats. President Macron acknowledged this risk and revealed that alternative plans are in place for the ceremony in case the terrorist threat escalates.

“We will be read. We are preparing several scenarios. If the threat were to evolve, if we considered that circumstances made it necessary, we have back-up scenarios.” The President added

Regarding the possible inclusion of popular French-Malian singer Aya Nakamura in the opening ceremony, President Macron offered his support, dismissing critics from the hard-right of French politics. He affirmed Nakamura’s right to participate, citing her ability to connect with a significant portion of the population.

“She speaks to a good number of our fellow citizens and I believe she has every right to be at the opening or closing ceremonies of the Games,” the president further added.
Paris will host the world come July and without doubt would hope they are able to give them the best they can offer.

With robust contingency plans in place, France aims to deliver a memorable and secure Olympic experience for athletes and spectators alike. Paris 2024 is set to take place between Fri, July 26, 2024  to Sunday August 11, 2024.

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