Over 600 People Still Stranded After Taiwan Earthquake

Helicopters in Taiwan are being used to rescue stranded people as rescue work continues following a powerful earthquake.

The death toll from a powerful earthquake in Taiwan has risen to 13 after another body was found in the hard-hit Taroko National Park.

Meanwhile, over 600 people — including nearly 450 at a hotel in the national park — remained stranded three days after the island’s strongest earthquake in 25 years.

The disaster caused at least 1,145 injuries. 

Meanwhile, the demolition of a building in the city of Hualien that is leaning precariously after the 7.4 earthquake was halted on Saturday because of aftershocks that made it lean even more.

Helicopters On A Rescue Mission In Taiwan

Rescue helicopters were deployed to bring people to safety  after the earthquake damaged roads and blocked tunnels, leaving hundreds stranded in the mountains.

Rescuers have also airdropped food and supplies to students, teachers, and residents at an inaccessible elementary school.

Engineers were working around the clock to clear massive boulders from roads and tunnel entrances.

“Rescuers are not giving up,” said Taiwan’s vice president-elect Hsiao Bi Khim on Friday, calling them the “true heroes of a resilient Taiwan.”

Aftershocks Continue 

Wednesday’s quake was the most serious in Taiwan since one of a magnitude of 7.6 hit the island in 1999. 

More than 300 aftershocks have since struck Hualien, the quake’s epicenter, which is situated around 100 kilometers (60 miles) south of the capital Taipei.

The latest aftershock — measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale — was felt in the area on Saturday morning. 

The relatively low number of deaths from Wednesday’s massive quake has been attributed to strict building and widespread public education awareness in earthquake prone regions in Taiwan.

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