I haven’t received any money to record a campaign song – Great Ampong

Ghanaian gospel musician Isiah Ampong popularly know as Great Ampong has refuted claims of his involvement with political parties and camping songs.

In an interview Great Ampong clarified his stance on the issue and refuted the claims. 

Great Ampong, started by addressing a prevalent rumor – that he had received substantial sums of money from a political party in exchange for composing a campaign song.

Firmly denying these allegations, Ampong emphasized that he had never accepted any significant financial incentives from political entities.

“Who ever said I have received money for a campaign song is dreaming, I haven’t been contacted or received any money to record a campaign song. Whether I choose to release a political song this year or not, my allegiance to the NPP remains steadfast,” he said.

Despite his denial of receiving monetary compensation, Ampong acknowledged his alignment with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), stating that regardless of whether he released campaign songs, he had been associated with the party and stood by that affiliation.

This assertion sheds light on the challenges artists face when their political leanings influence public perception, sometimes overshadowing their artistic endeavors.

Throughout the interview, Ampong remained steadfast in his commitment to his musical career and personal beliefs.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining integrity and authenticity in both his artistic expression and political affiliations, reflecting a principled approach to his craft.

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