DR Congo Appoints 1st Female Prime Minister 

Judith Suminwa Tuluka former planning minister, has been appointed prime minister of Congo. She steps into the role at a time of worsening violence in eastern DR Congo.

The President of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, has appointed Judith Suminwa Tuluka as the next prime minister of the country.

A former planning minister, Tuluka steps into the new role at a time of worsening violence in the country’s mineral-rich east, which borders Rwanda.

Unfortunately, an intense fighting between the Congolese army and the M23 rebels has exacerbated the security crisis there, with the long-running conflict having displaced more than 7 million people, according to the UN. It is one of the world’s most worst humanitarian crises. 

Judith Suminwa Says Challenges Are Not Insurmountable In 1st Speech

Tuluka delivering her first speech on national television on Monday, she said “the task is big, the challenges are immense but together we will get there.”

“I am aware of the great responsibility that is mine,” she added, saying she wanted to work “for peace and development” so that the “Congolese people can benefit from the resources” of the country.

President Felix Tshisekedi has delivered on a campaign promise upon appointing Tulaka as prime minister.

Prime Minister To Work Toward Peace And Development

Tuluka’s appointment comes after weeks of uncertainty. It will take months before a new government is formed since the process requires extensive deliberations with several political parties.

Far from the nation’s capital, Kinshasa, eastern Congo has been overrun by more than 120 armed groups seeking a share of the region’s gold and other resources as they carry out mass killings.

Both regional and UN peacekeepers have been asked to leave Congo. This is after the government accused them of failing to resolve the conflict. 

Tuluka promised to work towards peace and development. She is assurures addressing most of the number of promises made by the president on the campaign trail including better living conditions for people.

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