Caitlin Foord Partner: Everything To Know About Lia Walti

Caitlin Foord, an Austrialian professional football player, whose partner Lia Walti, is a Swiss professional footballer player who play alongside Foord in Arsenal. It is believed the two talented football players started dating when they both joined arsenal football club in London. Find out more about Lia Walti, her age, career, Her position and attribute to football, achievements and records.

How old is Lia Walti?

Lia Joëlle Wälti which is her full name was born on 19th April 1993, she is 30 years old.

Lia has had a very interesting football career, she started playing for a boys club called FC Langnau in 2002 when she was eight years old. Lia moved to BSC Young Boys where she played for a year in the U16 boys’ team from 2008 to 2009. After that year she then joined BSC YB Frauen from 2009 to 2013 where she first had debut in the UEFA womens’ champions League.

Lia playing in Arsenal jersey

Walti moved to Turbine Potsdam, where she signed a contract with them and played a total number of 110 games for the club. She was named the captain of the team in her second year. she played there for 5 years until she joined her recent club Arsenal. She played an integral part of the Arsenal womens’ team that won the league in 2018/19 season.

What is Walti Position on the field?

Walti is a midfielder who can also play as a center back. Due to her aggressiveness and eagerness she has suffered some few career threaten injuries but have over come them. one of such injury she was against everton women team which nearly took her out of the 2023 world cup played in australia and new zeland.

Injured Lia

she is the captain of the swiss women national team. She is experienced midfielder with quality in abundance, Lia is a natural leader both on and off the pitch. Composed in possession and calculated in her defensive.

Lia Career Achievements

Club Career:

Lia Wälti has played for several club teams during her career, including FC Basel, Turbine Potsdam, and Arsenal FC Women.

International Career:

She has been an important part of the Swiss national women’s football team.

Women’s Super League (WSL) Titles:

While playing for Arsenal FC Women in the English Women’s Super League, Lia Wälti won the league title in the 2018-2019 season.

FA Women’s Cup:

She has also won the FA Women’s Cup with Arsenal FC Women during her time with the club.

Continental Competitions:

Lia Wälti has competed in various UEFA Women’s Champions League campaigns with her club teams.

Individual Honors:

She has received recognition for her strong performances as a midfielder, earning individual honors and accolades during her career.

In 2019, Walti was named captain of the team, following the retirement of Lara Dickerman.

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