Building a Nation of Millionaires: Cheddar Ultimate Goal for Ghana

The leader of the New Force Movement, Nana Kwame Bediako affectionately called Cheddar has shown his willingness to develop Human Resources in Ghana by creating millions of millionaires. 

Cheddar in an interview with TV3 stated clearly how he intends to capitalise on industrialisation and provide capital to start-up businesses to help them be established as multinational companies in order to achieve his purpose.

“Through industrialization, we have decided that we’ve created like a capital for start-ups. So as long as it is a start-up, it is industrialized.

“As long as you are bringing something up and need capital, we would help you. I want to move that away for the youth because this kind of money could be just 10, 20 or 100 million dollars and it will help a million people to start growing in our system,” he said on The Afternoon Show on April 9.

Cheddar who is also a businessman said he has intentions of creating a million millionaires in Ghana if he becomes President.

Without explicitly stating how he will achieve that, Cheddar said he will demand ten percent from these supposed millionaires which he believes would make him richer than the country.

According to him, with such wealth, he would be able to purchase the whole nation and urged Ghanaians not to abandon him when choosing their leader.

“Its one of my ultimate motives that if I create a million millionaires, I will take 10 percent from a million people. I will do that and guess what, ten percent of a million is a hundred billion. I will definitely be richer than the country, so let’s be careful Ghana.

“You might not want me today but when I’m coming back, I will not come back as you wanting me, I will probably come back to buy the country,” he added.

Cheddar or Freedom Jacob Caesar has officially declared his intention to become President of Ghana.

He has since been touring the country and the media conveying his message and vision for Ghanaians.

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