Who Is James Trafford Brother? All you need to know about James Trafford

Thogden is not James brother like Thogden the YouTuber makes it look like.

A commenter on Theo’s post from 2019 noted that he and James shared similarities in appearance. There were some physical similarities between them at the time, though that may not be the case now.

After deciding to connect with the football player, the YouTuber and the player had their first encounter on October 1, 2019, outside of Etihad Stadium.

Ever since, Theo has praised James on social media and highlighted his accomplishments, referring to him as his twin brother. James and Theo have worked together on multiple videos on Theo’s YouTube channel.

Theo also witnessed James and his team win the EFL Trophy at Wembley—a moment he describes as proud. However, he also recorded a film to commemorate James’ final match with the team, which was played after Bolton was not promoted.

Since Theo joined Burnley, there hasn’t been any content between him and the keeper, but it might happen soon.

James Trafford’s Parents And Sister

The son of James and Alison Trafford was nurtured on a farm in Greysouthen by their parents. The Burnley goalie grew up surrounded by animals and took part in farming competitions.

James Trafford, his father, who works as a farmer, just took first place in the Charolais Sheep division. In the Gosforth Show, his sheep, the Charollais ewe lamb, won the interbreed division and was crowned Champion of Champions

Alison Trafford, James’ mother, is active on Facebook, telling her friends about the family’s upcoming competitions and the accomplishments of their sheep.

The family enjoys watching horse races as well; Alison has posted images of herself and her husband at some of the events. When Alison and James Sr.’s son signed a contract with Burnley, they were there.

The only sibling James Trafford has is Charlotte Trafford, his older sister.

After completing her education at Cockermouth School, Charlotte Trafford worked for Thomas Graham & Sons as a marketing assistant.

She became an HR/Recruiter for David Wood Banking Limited when she joined in 2019. Since 2021, Charlotte has been employed by specialized hiring firm Rullion.

She started off as an associate recruiting consultant at Rullion in 2021 and has worked her way up. She is employed as a senior recruitment consultant at the moment. Charlotte will turn 25 on September 17, 2024, as of late.

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