Meet Michael Atherton’s Wife, Isabelle `de Caire

Michael Atherton, the main cricket correspondent for The Time and a former England cricket player, is married to Isabelle de Caires.

While working on his monograph in Guyana, Mike had his first encounter with his wife.

The couple is blessed with two boys, Josh being the oldest. Josh’s father encouraged him to pursue a cricket career

Isabelle was born in Guyana to parents Doreen de Caires and David de Caires. Brendan is the name of her sibling as well.

In addition, she has the legendary West Indies test cricketer Frank De Caires for a grandpa.

Isabelle avoids the spotlight of the media and the internet despite being the wife of a well-known sportscaster and athlete.

But as we now know, she and her mother Doreen founded Moray House Trust and serve as its trustees.

The purpose of this trust was to honour her late father, David, who passed away in 2008.

David, the father of Isabelle, worked as a Guyanese solicitor. In the same way, he founded Starbroek News and served as its chief editor.

Who is Michael Atherton?

Mike Atherton, a well-known sports journalist and former professional cricket player, was born in Failsworth, United Kingdom, on March 23, 1968. He is regarded as one of the most illustrious and significant individuals in English cricket.

Throughout his more than ten-year cricket career, Atherton was an opening batsman for the England national team. He rose to prominence in English cricket in the 1990s and was renowned for his perseverance and technical prowess. Atherton was known for being a dependable and steady batter because of his ability to take on difficult deliveries and his drive to gain runs.

A noteworthy accomplishment of Atherton’s was leading the England team as captain from 1993 to 1998. He was respected for his abilities to encourage his colleagues, guide the squad through a difficult time, and possess strong tactical sense. England won a number of important matches while he was captain, notably a series victory over South Africa in 1998.

Atherton made a smooth transition from professional cricket to a lucrative career in sports media after quitting. He started off as a cricket correspondent for The Times before moving on to Sky Sports as a pundit. Atherton has established himself as a reliable and well-respected voice in cricket journalism thanks to his perceptive analysis and eloquent commentary.

Atherton is well-known for his academic accomplishments in addition to his roles in journalism and cricket. His articles and analyses reflect his analytical approach to the game, which he developed while studying history at Downing College, Cambridge.

All things considered, Mike Atherton’s influence on English cricket goes beyond his playing career. His reputation as a respected person in cricket has been cemented by his leadership qualities as a captain, his skill as a batter, and his contributions to cricket journalism. His knowledge and skills continue to influence and deepen cricket fans’ and players’ comprehension of the game.


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