Who is Fabio Jackson? Michael Jackson’s Lookalike.

Fabio Jackson, whose real name is Fabio James, was born on June 13, 1993. He is an English actor and influencer on social media. His most well-known role is that of Michael Jackson’s twin. Fabio has gained fame and generated conflicting opinions on social media because of his MJ-likeness. Numerous people claim he had plastic surgery done to mimic the late King of Pop.

He mimics the late King of Pop in terms of dancing, dressing, singing, and hairstyle. He boasts a sizable fan base on TikTok, where he posts videos of himself interacting with followers and dancing like Michael.

He grew up in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, where he was born. The same town served as his school. He endured bullying in high school and college due to his uncanny likeness to the late pop sensation Michael Jackson. There are even those who assert that he had plastic surgery to emulate the late-pop icon.

He was bullied on social media far more frequently, but he exploited that to overcome his shyness and now prefers to dance on stage and on social media in imitation of Michael Jackson’s motions. Through his art, he hopes to have a beneficial impact on the world.

Is Fabio Jackson Married?

Fabio is married to Ana Lyri.

How Old Is Fabio Jackson?

Fabio Jackson was born on June 13, 1993. He will be 30 years old. (June, 2024)

Fabio Jackson’s Height

He is 1.80m tall.

Fabio Jackson Net Worth

Fabio is worth between 1 million to 5 million dollars.

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